Prince of Peace Pavilion for HOPE


The Prince of Peace Pavilion of Hope is a feeding center for the elderly and indigent in Porumamilla, India. Porumamilla is located in east central India in the state of Andhra Pradesh and district of Kadapah.


The feeding center was built in 2013 and started feeding operations in November of that year.

The idea for the feeding center came from Fr. Tom Aduri (Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Topeka) and Fr. Bill Bruning (St. Peter, Kansas City). Fr. Bruning made an appeal to Prince of Peace parish in the fall of 2012 and Prince of Peace parishioners donated the funds to build the pavilion and have continued financial support of the feeding operations.


The pavilion is located 200 yards from the Blessed Brian Home (BBH) which is an orphanage for children, primarily girls, ages 4 to 17. BBH prepares the food and manages the daily feeding operation.


If you would like to help feed the elderly in this community please send a donation to:


Blessed Brian Home Foundation – Pavilion

P.O. Box 12494

Overland Park, KS 66282-2494



August:2014 Molly Gillcrist, Rani & Ravi Chitta and John Gillcrist


August:2014 Prince of Peace Pavilion of Hope


August:2014 Fr. Tom feeding the elderly

The pavilion provides one meal per day to about 45 elderly and indigent people from 3 villages on the outskirts of Porumamilla. Meals are provided at noon everyday of the week and primarily consist of rice, vegetables, protein (i.e., lentils) vegetable oil, and milk or yogurt. The meals are cooked at the BBH and is the same as that which is provided for the children’s evening meal.

Daily Meals: 40 - 50 , Weekly Meals: 300+ , Annual Meals: 16,000


August:2014 Pavilion facilities and operations


August:2014 Special needs being serviced (food/hygiene) by the pavilion