Don't Look for the Big Things. Just Do the Small Things With Great Love.

Funding for the Blessed Brian Home is 100% dependent on private donations from the United States and India. Local support for the orphanage has been outstanding. Fr. Tom Aduri's family in Porumamilla have donated their time, talent and significant treasures in getting land acquired, the building designed and constructed, food and clothing procured and most importantly, provided supervision, guidance and much love and attention to the children.


Other local donors have pledged private education, clothing, meals, rice, grain grinder, computers, television,satellite dish , health care and cash. The list of local donations continues to grow.


Support from U.S. donors has been in cash and has been instrumental in the acquisition of land, establishment of a fresh water well, construction of the building, securing staff, and for food, clothing and utilities.


Major funding needs are as follows:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Clean water
  • Clothing
  • Education
  • Staffing
  • Operations
  • Endowment

Your help in supporting one or more of these needs would be greatly appreciated. Please go to “How to Donate” to see how you can make a difference.